Is Your Website Ready for 2020?

Is website ready for 2020

It’s that time again; before you know it, you will be reigning in the new year with laughter and joy and all your loved ones around you. You might be ready for the new year but is your website ready for it? That’s the real question.


When websites were initially introduced, they felt more like an online brochure; simply giving basic information about your company. Fast-forward to today, websites have a bigger impact and role than most people can imagine and the data proves it.


In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important things to consider to get your website ready for 2020 and its implications on your overall business objectives.  

1. Competition heating up


Whether you’re an existing small business with no website or one with an outdated site, the digital landscape is increasing at an alarming rate which means every day another competitor is taking away your precious customer.

The fact that the only interaction most businesses have with a potential consumer starts on the internet, can you afford to have your website seem outdated. Considering that the average online user spends no more than 3 seconds  on any given website, it’s up to you to make sure your website captures that users attention quickly and effectively.

2. Increase credibility


Although a bad company is very different than a bad website, in the eyes of a potential customer, they are nearly identical. Often, we come across many reputable and professional vendors that we love working with. However, looking at their website, you would think that their filing for bankruptcy or have little to no interest in marketing themselves. These signs are a big red flag to today’s savvy consumer who has an inordinate amount of choices to choose from for their respective needs.

As humans, we are programmed to make snap judgments about what we trust, what we value and the credibility a company has. If your website doesn’t put your company is a positive light, you will lose out on a lot of sales; if not today, then soon.

3. The “cheap-suit” effect

cheap suit effect

Imagine a scenario where you require the services of a lawyer. Regardless of the legal matter, you get referred to a lawyer that has a strong reputation and the right credentials to represent you. Now imagine, a lawyer showing up to court with a wrinkled and wore-down suit. How confident are you now with your representation?

In many industries, how your business is perceived starts from how good your website looks. Ask yourself, what does my website say about my business. An outdated website is just like a cheap suit. It tells the world that you aren’t serious about your business.

What’s scarier, are business owners that do not know that their website looks like a mess. You owe it to yourself to get some honest feedback. In this case, ask those around you for some feedback and see what they say. Most business owners know full well when their website delivers the message they want to convey when they have taken the time to find a digital marketing company to cultivate that message for them.

4. Stepping over dollars to save pennies

A professional website does not come cheap. It may range anywhere between $1500 to several thousand; depending upon the number of pages and functionality required. Don’t try to save money on a website by either avoiding it altogether, doing it yourself or just leaving your outdated one as is.

The average person spends almost 7 hours on the internet every day, chances are they’ll be looking for a service or product your business is associated with. And if you’re not presenting your best foot forward, some other business will.

Our agency understands full well the needs of local small businesses which is why we work with them on a particular budget that they can afford because everyone is or was, at one point or another, a small business.

5. Optimization required

seo sign

The majority of articles we post refer to SEO in one way or another. That’s not a coincidence. SEO is becoming even more important than we ever imagined.

As Google continues to tweak its algorithm, we are seeing additional signs on how SEO affects the overall structure of a website. From social media to on-page optimization, SEO has got a tremendous impact on every aspect of a company’s digital realm. And now that Google is using mobile-first indexing, any website that isn’t optimized for a smartphone is going to lose out on a lot of traffic.

FINAL THOUGHTS: No matter what year or month your reading this article in, technology will always continue to change. If your business is not up to date with the latest trends, it will suffer in the form of lost sales. A website is the first, and many times, the last stop for a consumer these days. Make a strong impression on that potential consumer today.