Pay Per Click Management


Learn The Basics Of Pay Per Click Marketing

Imagine if there was a way to instantly appear on the first page of Google., ahead of all the other organic websites; well, there is and it’s called pay-per-click. Magma Rank provides PPC services to help our target their ideal customers by implementing SEO best practices along with years of extensive PPC testing to ensure guaranteed results.

Google Ads

The leading player in online advertising.

Keyword Research

Crucial aspect of any advertising campaign.


The Benefits Of PPC Advertising

Having an effective PPC strategy has become a priority if you want to strengthen your online

presence. Below are just some of the benefits of running PPC Ads.



A Form Of Online Advertising Where You Only Pay For The Clicks You Actually Receive

If your website does not get clicks, you do not get charged. It’s as simple as that when you run pay per click advertisements online.

King Of PPC

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is the leading player in the online advertising platform arena and accounts for the majority of market share. At Magma Rank, all our PPC experts are Google Ads certified and excel at creating effective campaigns to ensure your website appears at the top of search results.

Target Your Ideal Customer

The beauty of PPC is that you are able to target your ideal customers or clients easily and with precision. Pairing PPC services with SEO is a great way to attain the most out of your campaigns in the shortest amount of time.

The Cost Of Each Click

The actual cost of each click depends on a number of factors such as the platform you are using, the competitive nature of your business and the specific keywords you are trying to rank for within your ads.

Tracking Conversions

Our reporting platform generates unique reports that show exactly the type of keywords that are receiving the most traffic and conversions along with a breakdown of strategies in order to tweak and refine your paid advertising campaigns.