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We Are An Internet Marketing Agency And An Innovator In Marketing Solutions

Magma Rank is a full-service internet marketing agency in Reseda, CA specializing in search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media and a host of other services; all with the same mindset, to help our clients increase their visibility online.


Located in Reseda, CA, our team is made up of web designers, developers, and SEO specialists who know what it takes to achieve results. We understand that every business is different but we also know that generating leads and increasing revenue is a staple to the overall success of your business.

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A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

Imagine working with a company that can provide everything you need to increase awareness, drive traffic, connect with clients, and generate sales; now you don’t have to imagine with Magma Rank.

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See what our former clients have to say about working with us and you will know why we are a trusted partner.

Join our amazing team to learn, have fun, and develop a true sense of what it takes to be a digital professional.

If you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to contact us by emailing or calling our office today.

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We always stay up to date with the latest innovations in our space to ensure our clients receive the best.

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We Focus On Achieving Your Business Goals

Like most things in business, your return on investment dictates what decisions you are going to make and we understand that completely.

We Focus on Profits

At the end of the day, your bottom-line is the only true measuring stick of your business.

We Focus on Quality

Maintaining the highest quality throughout the marketing process is our guarantee to you.

We Focus on Integrity

We focus on honesty and having strong moral principles to guide our every move.

We Focus on our Clients

We cherish our relationships with our clients and value the work we do together.

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Our team is fully committed and focused on the development of your business and its respective objectives.
Message From Our CEO

No matter how big or small a business may be or become, the backbone of any corporation will always be the people who put in the time and effort to achieve something greater than themselves. Our unity, coupled with a spirit to succeed and thrive, is what inspires us to do our very best in the face of adversity. Every day is a blessing and it’s great to be surrounded by individuals who embody the truest values of Magma Rank.


Roman Grunis
– Chief Executive Officer


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